The Benefits of Sports Massage Therapy

Does your cog look like this?

Are you one of those cyclists who invest in the best cycling gear and keeping it flawless and pristine? Well, your other equipment needs to keep tuned up too, that which turns these gears... and we are not talking about the crank arms... your legs, your body.

It is well known that massage therapy can reduce anxiety, pain and tension and generally feels good. However massage can be more than just relaxing. For athletes, massage therapy can be a key contributor to their training regime and considerably enhance their performance. More commonly known as "Sports Massage" it helps to reduce inflammation, eliminate toxins in muscle fiber and remove adhesions. Our techniques applied to athletes, are a combination of fascial stretch therapy and massage. Some specific methods commonly utilized are pressure point, cross-fiber friction, and Swedish strokes.

In a study lead by Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky at McMaster University, Ontario Canada in Feb, 2012, muscle biopsies were performed on both legs of healthy young men before and after hard exercise and a third time after massaging on leg in each individual. Tissue from the massage leg had reduced exercise-induced inflammation by dampening activity of a protein referred to as NF-kb. Massage seemed to help cells recover by lifting another protein called PCG-1 alpha, which is responsible for producing new mitochondria, the small organelles inside each cell crucial for muscle energy generation.

Regular massage can also help manage and prevent injury by bringing awareness to areas of the body that are not functioning or responding as efficiently as possible. If you are serious about your performance as a cyclist, it is essential to integrate massage therapy into your training program.

Sports massage incorporates the physical, psychological and physiological aspects of the athlete to create balance in the system. The physical effect massage has on the athlete's body is extreme.. The improved circulation increases oxygen delivery to muscles, through deep tissue work, which significantly decreases recovery time. The break down of scar tissue and improved muscle elasticity is another advantage. Psychologically speaking massage relaxes the nerves and reduces anxiety and stress. Increased blood flow is generally acknowledged to be good for the immune system, organs and mental health. Physiologically speaking reduced pain will increase the performance of any athlete. The muscle relaxation, which is an obvious benefit of Sports Massage, directly before or after exercise, will increase performance regardless of the type of sport.

Post-performance massage is thought to significantly expedite muscle recovery and reduce muscle spasms. Full range of motion is a main objective while increased blood flow to muscles after a work out is another benefit. Other benefits include a shorter recovery time, and a significant decrease in delayed onset muscle soreness.

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