Susan Tudor

The road that lead me to Cyclists massage...

My original career was in real estate sales, but I stopped working to focus on our young children and to take care of my health when faced with a cancer diagnosis in 2002.

I was drawn to the idea of massage after receiving it during chemo, where it had a profound effect on my well being and healing.

In 2004 I enrolled in the Western Institute of Neuromuscular Therapy in Lake Forest, Orange County. It is a highly accredited school specializing in medical and sports massage. At the time, the idea was to volunteer massage to women with breast cancer. As a cyclist, I found the sports massage training to be very interesting as well. During massage school I was riding 200 miles per week and felt the benefits of massage on my cycling. I furthered my skills for cyclists’ specific issues with a certification in fascial stretch therapy and Active Release Technique.

I began my work volunteering at the place where I had previously been a patient, the Cordelia Knott Wellness Center Cancer Retreats at St. Josephs Hospital. However, as a cyclist, I was drawn to working on fellow athletes, and by 2007 my work evolved to treating only cyclists. I enjoyed going on bike tours, working as a ride mentor/leader for Cycling Camp San Diego, and racing on a Women’s Masters team. It was through this that I realized the need for supplying massage and recovery services at cycling camps, tours and events. That was several years ago. Today, we are many massage therapists, dedicated to cyclists, providing relief and recovery to keep them on the bike and riding at their optimum.

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